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Bryan Tweedle


Ten years ago, the artist Bryan Tweddle, with the help COOPERATIONS, developed and created the first illuminated evening in the garden of Wiltz which was called Visions of Paradise”. Over the years, the artist who studied Fine Art in Manchester remained a contributor to the various editions of the Nuit des Lampions. He’s pleased to return and revisit the garden and contribute to the wider landscape of NDL17 in continuation of a practice of designing, devising and directing creative outcomes for many purposes and situations.

Itinerània : El Laberint

Place des Martyrs + Grands Rue / à partir de 18h00

« El Laberint » est une expérience collective pour tous les publics, capable de transformer n’importe quel espace quotidien (place, rue, parc…) en un lieu de rencontre ludique. Il s’agit d’un réseau insolite de murs transparents, couloirs et portes énigmatiques où ce que vous savez et ce que vous faites créera votre propre chemin. C’est une installation de grand format qui vous pose le plus excitant des défis intemporels.

Andy McKeow

Amphithéâtre / Castle Stage

Presenting his multi-medial work in the form of temporary and permanent light works in various galleries and leftfield locations in and around the UK, Andy McKeown’s art practice is essentially based on interactive and reactive new media light and sound installations. His pieces range from intricate multi projector interior installations to large scale outdoor Son et Lumière works. The artist’s current work builds on his experience creating interactive computer projects with his company Wild Strawberry since 1995 for renowned clients such as West Ham FC Routledge and Oxford University Press. There’s a fascination with rough materials that runs through his entire work as he draws from liquid oils, kaleidoscopes, stained glass, cathedrals, machine noise or industrial and avant-garde music.




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