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Loic Warin




Friday/Vendredi 17.09 NDL  ENTRY TICKET SOLD OUT! 


Saturday/Samedi  BUS TICKET


Thursday 16.09.21 - 19:00 COVID-CHECK: 18:30

“Soft-Opening” of the  NDL:  Open-Air-Lampion-Expo with guided tours,  Weeltzer Musik, Bar-and Foodstand

Friday, 17.09.21 - 18:30 & Saturday, 18.09.21 - 18:30 COVID-CHECK: 18:00

(DE) IM_SCHATTEN - Dance/Performance (Friday & Saturday) -

im schatten

The theatrical dance, light and sound performance IM_SCHATTEN is referencingPlato's Allegory of the Cave and placing it in a parallel universe of virtual worlds in which the dancers have to prove themselves in multiple levels. Their movements are controlled by an external force, caught in the loop of life's linearity. As homo ludens, they interact and fight with digitality, their light and their shadow. Uncanny shadow worlds emerge between the dimensions of body, mind and play. Digital underworld? Viral purgatory!

Directing, Concept & Writer: Max Thommes
Choreo: Jill Crovisier & Georges Maikel Pires Monteiro
Sound Design: Pascal Karier
Lighting Design & Scenographie: Marc Thein
Production: La Nuit des Légendes, La Nuit des Lampions, Twist & Tweak, Amplitude

(DE) CATASTROPHE - Concert (Friday & Saturday)


Produced under Bertrand Burgalat’s label Tricatel and acclaimed by Etienne Daho, the band is in the tradition of French avant-garde. Catastrophe defines its music as a kaleidoscope of musical genres. On stage, every performance is an original sensorial experience.

ANINA RUBIN - Klangkunst (Friday & Saturday)

anina rubin

The spatial audio piece Lost Incarnations is part of Anina Rubin’s first 3D audio singer-songwriter LP coming out in 2022. The entire album production is based on songs written on the piano, the guitar and the banjo and has taken on many elements of vocals, choirs, sounddesign, noises and story-telling. The piece Lost Incarnations is based on the main album theme morphing into a void of white noise. The scenographic landscape around and inside the spatial audio sound dome is a collaborative work between the collective CooperationsArt and the sound artist.

(DE) cooperationsArt (Ausstellung)

Wir leben in einer Welt, die von Daten erzeugt, gesteuert und kontrolliert wird. Das Kollektiv cooperationsART hat seine eigenen Schriften und Codes unter die Lupe genommen. Schriften werden gelesen. Bilder werden erkannt. Doch was ist Bild? Was ist Schrift? Gibt es Regeln? Der Titel der Ausstellung wurde bewusst in einer leicht überspitzten Form gewählt da in ihm genau dieser freie Zustand des Innehaltens und Loslassens verborgen ist, denn es braucht um seinen eigenen Worten Raum und Ausdruck zu geben. Die Besucher der Ausstellung sind dazu eingeladen diese zum Teil neue Formen der Schrift zu entdecken und zu erleben.

ROLANDO RONDINELLI - Performance (Friday & Saturday)

Tip Tap Pum is a musical show of physical theater and tap-dance,for all ages and with much impudence. An eccentric character that coming from this side, some tap shoes, pots, spoons, saucers and some sound delirious elements, transform the space in a theatrical concert, a particular orchestra and in authentic waves of laughter.

CLAIRE PARSONS & ERAN HAR EVEN - Concert (Friday only)


The duo "Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even", between Anglo-Luxembourgish jazz singer Claire Parsons and Israeli guitarist Eran Har Even, is a creative collaboration that mixes contrasting colors in original compositions. After playing in many renowned national and international festivals (Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Jazz A Vienne, Jazzclub Unterfahrt München, Baku Jazz Festival, Südtirol Festival Merano, Odessa Jazz Fest), they released their first EP "OnOff" at the end of 2019.

JACKIE MOONTAN - Concert (Saturday only)

HUNNEGSTRËPP - Concert (Friday only)


Brass Bands are boring? Think again! Hunneg-Strëpp straight-up breaks the old-fashioned image of Brass Bands only playing traditional compositions. This 8-piece brass band loves to surprise its audience with unexpected hit covers: from trappy Hip-Hop to funky Rock and Pop music covers and the greatest hits from the trashy 90s; there are literally no limits for this band and only one objective: to make the public dance while spoiling the image of a conventional Brass Band.

CARTE BLANCHE: John Wolter & Mateus Wojda - Concert (Friday & Saturday)
carte blanche

John and Mateus share a long musical connection that started about fourteen years ago. Their interest for music was pretty much sparked simultaneously, which lead to countless musical projects ranging from Punk Rock to Trap, all the while diving deeper into the world of jazz. Be prepared for a colorful blend of sounds and grooves from all over the world by musicians, who have a personal problem with being put in boxes.

SUN GLITTERS - Klangkunst, Installation



As for most of the previous editions of the festival, the local harmony orchestra will be inaugurating the Nuits des Lampions with several performances.


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Thursday, 16.09.21 from 19:00 (Rapid Tests at 18:30) until 22:00 (testing and access until 21:00) 
Friday, 17.09.21 from 18:30 (Rapid Tests at 18:00), DJ until 01:00  (testing and access until 22:00)
Saturday, 18.09.21 from 18:30 (Rapid Tests at 18:00), DJ until 01:00  (testing and access until 22:00)


Jardin de Wiltz 
8-10 Gruberbeerig, L-9538 Wiltz 

Rapid-testing available on site 30 minutes before the opening time. Testing will be available and guests will be able to enter the site until 22:00. We however recommend you come early in order to discover the full programme.

We ask our customers to plan for the Covid Check and arrive on time as the events start on time. 

Transport CFL 

Thursday 16.09.: Regular train service 
Friday 17.09: Two special trains for the return journey from Wiltz at 23h24 and at 01h00 Saturday 18.09: Due to construction works, three buses will be used for the return journey from Wiltz, two journeys from 23h30 and one journey from 01:00 
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